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November 02, 2015

Experience With Small Class Sizes

Each fall I spend time in every classroom observing children and teachers to support goal setting for the upcoming  school year. I am always impressed with how the small class size  and low child/teacher ratio allows each child to be seen and valued. Teachers have the luxury of truly teaching and not just managing behavior. This is something that is foundational at LEAP because as...

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November 11, 2019

Let's Do Lunch!

As the school year gets into a rhythm, it is a time to examine new routines and see what needs fine-tuning.  One way that parents help make the bridge from home to school is by preparing lunches that are satisfying, nutritious and convey nurturing from home. The LEAP Staff would like to offer...
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October 28, 2019

Is Transitional Kindergarten Right for Your Child?

 This Type of Early Developmental Education for Children Might Be the Perfect Fit Almost as soon as parents announce that they will be having a child in the summertime the questions from family and friends begin… Will you have him/her start kindergarten on the young or older end of the...
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how preschoolers build relationships | relationship building skills October 06, 2019

Building Relationships In Preschool

How Children Form Relationship-Building Skills & How You Can Help the Process Like most parents of young children today, I grew up in a time without computers, the internet, or Facebook. Connecting with friends at that time was more along the lines of knocking on a friend’s door who lived...
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