Immersive Toddler & Preschool Academic Childcare Program in MA

A Unique Preschool Education Program Near You In Bedford, Lexington, & Sudbury MA

Here at The LEAP School, you’ll find the top academic childcare program in MA. A typical day at each of our locations offers children a combination of individual and group choices. Our teachers strive to maintain a balance of structured and child-directed activities. For young children, learning takes place through hands-on exploration and play.

The LEAP curriculum offers a wide variety of sensory-based activities and projects that support the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive needs of children. Our literature-based curriculum fosters literacy development and a love of books.

Specific goals are set for each area of development within each age grouping. Movement, music, visual arts, drama, play, literature, science, cooking, and nature are all a part of a child’s week. Readiness skills in pre-math, language arts, and pre-reading areas are introduced through playful games and daily activities such as “circle time.” Curriculum boards in each classroom outline daily activities and weekly themes or units. At The LEAP School, teachers build upon each child’s strengths and inspire children to embrace new challenges.