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Summer Program

LEAP Summer Program

Lexington, Bedford, and Sudbury LEAP Schools offer a Summer program starting July 7th through August 14th. Concord LEAP School families are welcome to register at any of our locations for the Summer session. This program offers a “camp-like” feel with many exciting activities! The relaxed atmosphere focusing on relationship building and summer time discoveries is a perfect way to introduce your child to the LEAP faculty, school friends, and classroom settings. Fun themes are created in which the whole school participates. You will find these themes represented through classroom activities, the outdoor curriculum, special events, spirit days, and other community building events. The children will spend the summer getting to know their new teachers, environments, and friends. Their primary focus will be on making these connections while the themes serve as a back drop for fun and the curriculum!

The focus of the summer program is recreational and enriching. We take advantage of the warm weather to move many activities outdoors with nature surrounding us. Children also have the opportunity to explore materials in the classroom, enjoy social experiences, and put on a bathing suit for water-play in our state of the art playgrounds! The Summer Program themes can include “Treasure Hunters,” “Zoo and Farm,” “Carnival and Circus,” “Ocean & Beach”. Our goal in the summer is for the children have a different kind of experience and curriculum than they do in the school year program, in a very consistent, safe, and stimulating environment that is predictable and age appropriate for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten youngsters with our seasoned faculty.


Groupings Summer 2020 Ages (By September 2020) Summer 2020 Schedule Options Pick Up Time Options
Toddler 2-3 years T/Th, MWF, M-F Half Day, 3/4 Day, Full Day
Lower Preschool 3’s 3-4 years T/Th, MWF, M-F Half Day, 3/4 Day, Full Day
Upper Preschool 4’s 4-5 years T/Th, MWF, M-F Half Day, 3/4 Day, Full Day
Kindergarten 5-6 years (Going into Kindergarten) T/Th, MWF, M-F Half Day, 3/4 Day, Full Day

*Please call our Admissions Office to find out what schedule options are available*