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Welcome to the LEAP School!

The Language Enrichment Arts Program®, the LEAP School, is a non-denominational private program founded in 1985 in Lexington, Massachusetts by Robin Shapiro, MA. It is uniquely designed to support the diverse needs of toddler, preschool, and kindergarten youngsters and their families.

  • “I learned a lot about solving problems.”

  • “I learned math! I LOVE math!”

  • "Leap School is good for you. Like Broccoli."

  • “I learned about being kind, strong, and sharing."

  • “At school, I get to do so many experiments!”

  • "I already know about friendship. I learned how to be a good friend at LEAP"

  • “I learned how to play.”

  • “I like playing with my friends everyday."

  • “I like when we have art shows, project, and I like when we sing our songs at May Show Day!”

  • "We share at school, because that's what friends do."

  • “I learned about being a leader!”

  • “We learned how to do marble painting by using marbles and black sparkly paint”