Why The LEAP School?

If you are looking for the best MA preschool, you can count on The LEAP School – The top choice for toddler, preschool, or kindergarten-aged early childhood development.

It is well documented that a strong early childhood education is one of the most important foundations for future success in life. Why? This is when your child’s rate of development and growth is significant and dynamic, so the activities spent in these early years are so very important. Children need a safe, stimulating, and creative environment that will tap into their varied interests and gifts. It is the foundation of their learning success!

In offering the best MA preschool, The LEAP School provides that stimulating and creative environment that is crucial for early childhood development. We are also very proud to offer your child a highly educated faculty that truly understands the development of your child’s experiences in these early years. We believe this is essential in creating the best environment where children, parents, and teachers can thrive. When you meet our teachers, you will see for yourself that our strong supervision model and continuous ongoing professional development have helped us to create a creative and supportive teaching staff that makes learning vital and fun!


Over the years, The LEAP School has become a place where parents and children can develop open lines of communication with an excellent faculty, and benefit from the growth that these sharing opportunities provide. We are proud to offer small class sizes at each of our locations along with a high teacher/child ratio, which allows us to get to know your children so that we can support and challenge them each and every day.

The LEAP School offers specialist groups that provide another opportunity for children to explore exciting new topics during their time at LEAP. Specialists bring their enthusiasm and expertise in a particular area – music, science, drama, storytelling, yoga, etc. – to the classroom to provide a new experience for children and teachers. During specialist times children interact with materials and one another to explore the theme for the week. Some of our specialists come to The LEAP School on a consistent basis, others on an occasional basis.

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We are fortunate to have a faculty that wants to stay and grow with us. In an industry where teachers come and go, we are proud that the teachers and staff that will serve you and your child have on average well over eight years with us. Many of our teachers have been at LEAP for over 20 years. We believe that consistency breeds confidence, and we are very confident that your child will grow and learn under the guidance of our incredibly supportive staff.

For over thirty years, The LEAP School has been highly regarded for its excellence in providing early childhood education. We are a very special community of teachers, directors, and staff who love children and enjoy what we do each and every day. Please join us for an unparalleled early childhood development and education experience for your child. Come see why we are consistently recognized as the best MA preschool! Read about our Enrollment Process for more information and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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