This Type of Early Developmental Education for Children Might Be the Perfect Fit

Almost as soon as parents announce that they will be having a child in the summertime the questions from family and friends begin…Will you have him/her start kindergarten on the young or older end of the group?  This question reflects a growing trend in many communities where families have access to high-quality Transitional Kindergarten programs. So, what is transitional kindergarten exactly?

At The LEAP School, our Transitional Kindergarten is specifically designed for children who have summer or early Fall birthdays and who may benefit from an additional year before entering kindergarten in public school.  We have found that because this transitional school curriculum prioritizes the early developmental education for children, specifically the needs of 5-year-olds, children thrive in this program.  Five-year-olds crave responsibility and need intellectual challenges, yet emotionally they’re still building their sense of themselves among their classmates and friends.

Some reasons Transitional Kindergarten may be the perfect fit for your child include:

  • Your child is still developing “school skills” such as being able to focus on a task, inhibit impulses, or follow directions.
  • Your child has a cautious or quiet personality and would probably benefit from being on the older side of his/her school peers going forward.
  • The norm in your school system is for children to enter kindergarten closer to 6 years old.

When children enter kindergarten with a greater emotional maturity, the advantages will be seen throughout their educational path, according to recent research.

In transitional kindergarten at LEAP, you’ll find small groups, a close age range of peers, excellent teachers, and a specifically designed curriculum that steps up the expectations from a 4-year-old group and prepares the children to be independent and confident kindergarten students.

If you are trying to determine if transitional kindergarten is right for your child, our teachers and directors at LEAP are here to support you when it comes to this decision for your child.  We can gladly meet with you at any time to discuss your child’s early development education. Contact us today or schedule a visit!