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A Unique Preschool Education Near You In: Lexington, Sudbury, Bedford, Concord MA


LEAP School Lexington is our original location. It is hard to imagine that we started in the basement of the Trinity Covenant Church. Oh, how far we have come from those ‘rough and tumble playgrounds’ of the past. The ground has gotten softer, and our play equipment is so much more safe and educationally interactive. Sure, the good old days were fun, but it is much more exciting to embrace this wonderful future!

In 1995, we moved into our beautiful new campus on Marrett Road. It was originally a Dairy Farm which is why we are currently surrounded by beautiful meadows and trees, birds and all sorts of wildlife. This location has two schools—a lower and upper—with bright spacious rooms and lots of places to enjoy the outdoors; plus each room has space for our visiting yoga, music, drama and science teachers. There are two fenced play yards with climbing structures, water features, sand boxes and picnic areas for fresh and fun and exercise. The Upper school houses a library in addition to a shaded patio which teachers use as an outdoor classroom and for picnics.

Groupings: September 2015 Ages Fall/Spring 2015-2016 Schedule Options: Pick Up Time Options
Toddler Program 2-3 years M-F, MWF, T/Th 12:30, 3:00, 4:30, 5:00
Lower Preschool (3’s) 3-4 years M-F, MWF 12:45, 3:15, 4:30, 5:00
Upper Preschool (4’s) 4-5 years M-F, MWF 1:00, 3:30, 4:30, 5:00
Transitional Kindergarten Director Placement M-F 1:00, 3:30, 4:30, 5:00

*Please contact our Admissions office to find out which schedule options are available
Drop off Time is anywhere between 8-9am. We do offer an Early Drop Off time between 7:30-8:00am

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