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A Unique & Enriching Concord, MA Preschool

The LEAP School Concord opened in 1992 in the Trinitarian Congregational Church and continues to be a top Concord preschool. Quintessentially New England in appearance and history, the beautifully renovated building with its white-clapboarded, black-shuttered exterior at 54 Walden Street was part of the life of Concord’s earliest settlers in the 1600s. We love that it is in the heart of Concord center, which makes walking trips to town, the library, or the park safe and easy.

The building offers spacious sunny classrooms and large areas for activities during our New England winters or visits from our specialist teachers (yoga, music, drama, and science.) The children love playing outdoors on our climbing structure, sandbox, and the fenced play yard as they offer fresh air, fun, and exercise.

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Marjorie Scenna's picture

Marjorie Scenna

Upper Preschool Teacher/Curriculum Director
B.S. Umass Boston
M. Ed. Cambridge College

Where I was born: Newton, Massachusetts

What I love to do!: I love exploring science activities with children and work part-time at the Museum of Science. I also enjoy making repurposed crafts and have an Etsy shop for my creations.

Teaching young children and working in early childhood education has been an important part of my life for many years. Throughout my childhood, many of my fondest and happiest memories stem from school experiences such as the excitement of the first day, the discovery of something new and the formation of new friendships. These experiences, including positive relationships with many great teachers, are what later influenced me to pursue an education and career in teaching. My earliest teaching opportunities were in the field of early childhood education and I soon realized that this was my passion. I continue to be inspired by the children and teachers I work with each day and look forward to the many new experiences and memories that are created each year.

Terri Connelly's picture

Terri Connelly

Director of Admissions and Human Resources
B.F.A Syracuse Univeristy
M.A. Lesley University

Where I was born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

What I love to do!: Gardening, playing volleyball, cooking with a new recipe, spending time with family and friends & watching sporting events of my kids/nieces/nephews and all Boston & New England sports teams!

I am member of the Administrative Team at LEAP but also have a background in the arts and teaching young children. As a teacher I love the spontaneous and uninhibited questions that a child asks and their joy in discovering something new, no matter how simple. In my role as an Admissions and Human Resource Director I am eager to be a helpful resource to all parents as they are exploring preschool options for their child(ren) and to teachers that are seeking a career in Early Childhood Education. Harold and the Purple Crayon has always been my favorite children’s book as Harold is constantly on a new and exciting adventure. As I am entering my 34nd year at the LEAP School I continue to enjoy learning something new every day!

Jaclyn Olson's picture

Jaclyn Olson

Director of Admissions and Administration
B.S. Endicott College

Where I am From: Gloucester, Massachusetts

What I love to do!: Cooking and trying new recipes, reading, being outside (whether just laying by the pool, at the beach or doing something active!), playing with my dog, Logan, and enjoying quality time with close friends and family!

In my role as Director of Admissions and Administration, I have the pleasure of introducing LEAP to inquiring families! I love having the opportunity to share with families all about the wonderful educational experience LEAP has to offer. I have a great love for organization, so I fully enjoy helping families through the enrollment process. When I first learned of the LEAP School, I was deeply impressed with the balance of support that is given to children, teachers, and families. My goal every day is to be a resourceful part of that support system.

Dina Savitz's picture

Dina Savitz

Lexington Upper Program Director/ Co-Executive Director
B.A. University of California - San Diego
M. Ed. Boston University

Where I was born: Uruguay

What I love to do!: Travel, hiking, cooking, and being with my kids

I am so grateful to find myself in a profession where I find inspiration every day. The children, parents, and teachers that I am surrounded by consistently teach me new things about love, learning and joy. I have been working at LEAP since 1992 and in that time I’ve had the opportunity to work with all the ages we serve. I also have a background in Elementary Education with an emphasis on literacy development. I’ve have raised my own children in this community, and am eager to be a support to other parents as they navigate the years ahead. I’m looking forward to building our community together.

Tricia Wilson's picture

Tricia Wilson

Sudbury Program Director/Co-Executive Director
B.S. Salem State University

Where I was born: Massachusetts

What I love to do!: Reading, cooking, hiking, biking, skiing and camping. I love the adventure of a road trip with my family! On a lazy day I enjoy playing Scrabble, watching movies, baking (and eating) cookies. My favorite place to be is anywhere on the coast of Maine.

While studying Early Childhood Education in college, I found the preschool/toddler practicums to provide the greatest sense of satisfaction, gratification and fun. I observed how a developmentally appropriate curriculum allows a young child to learn through their interests, and discover through their explorations. I observed how a developmentally appropriate curriculum allows teachers to treat each child as the individual they are; and to consider all domains of development and growth in their teaching including (but not limited to!) physical, cognitive and social/emotional development. Most importantly, I found young children to be incredibly interesting, caring, smart and engaging. I learned that preschool and toddler teachers have the opportunity to participate in a most fascinating time of a person’s life. Upon reflection, a career as a preschool teacher and director has exceeded my expectations! It has been more than thirty years since my first experience in a preschool classroom, and today I continue to find the same sense of satisfaction, gratification and fun as I did all those years ago.

Robin Shapiro's picture

Robin Shapiro

Founding Director
B.A. University of Vermont
M.A. Lesley University

From the time I was a young child, I was always drawn to children— their creativity, natural love, and innate wonder about the world around them. Coming from a loving family, I realized the impact that caring relationships had on children’s growth. I became the neighborhood babysitter throughout my middle school and high school years and loved every minute of my time with the kids. In my sophomore year, I very reluctantly went from my public high school to an all girls’ independent school, but it turned out be an incredibly enlightening experience for me. The independent school was very strong in the creative arts, small class sizes, offered amazingly inspirational teachers, and had hands-on learning. It was this experience that helped me to realize that someday I wanted to be an educator and have a school of my own. I knew then that education was the pathway to change and growth, and I have loved creating that experience for children and being part of LEAP since it began in 1985. No one is more proud of my directors and teachers than I am; their positive impact on children, parents, and each other is an inspiration for me! My favorite childhood book is Ms. Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney. It takes place on the coast of Maine, a special place for my family to go each year. The context of the book is to make the world a better place, which is what we do at the LEAP School every day!