In this fast paced world of cell phones, iPads, tablets, computers, and the constant stream of news and information, it can be helpful to create a practice of being in the moment and going inward. I embraced the snow day today, which created unexpected time for me to write this blog.

As a working mother, I know the inconvenience of snow days—all the challenges of juggling childcare and work commitments, rescheduling meetings, and attempting to manage the many demands of our personal lives. There is the rush in the mornings to get the lunches made, fill the backpacks with all the right winter clothing in them, and grab the quick breakfasts on the run to get out the door on time to beat the traffic.

I also remember those precious days when my children (now college age) were young and we had an unexpected snow day. How much they loved those words: “Snow day, sleep in…!” And there are the fond memories of the spontaneous snowman-making in the front yard, ice skating, sledding with neighbors, making waffles, and being able to stay in their pajamas. We did not have the distractions of our smart phones back then.

At the LEAP School we are constantly thinking about ways to help children and families manage stress and prevent the high levels of anxiety/depression we see in our communities. In our recent professional training day, we had two wonderful speakers lead us in a mindfulness workshop. Doug and Elise led our team through some basic mediation practices that helped us to slow down, go inward, and get more connected to ourselves. The positive feedback from our faculty was quite impressive; they found the practice not only to be helpful personally but they were also inspired to try it out in the classroom with the children, where they observed wonderful results.

Our wellness approach at the LEAP School creates a community of caring, compassion, and self-care. Parents and teachers are meeting needs all day long and need to “refill their cups” in order to be in a position to give to others. My wish is that we would take time to do one good thing daily for ourselves, which can only strengthen our families.

Today, I am looking out my window and hoping you are enjoying this snowy day, whether it be by making snowman memories with your children, drinking cocoa with extra marshmallows, or giving yourself permission to sit in the safety and comfort of your home and catch up on a good book while the children nap. We all need snow days so we can press the pause button on daily life and enjoy a slower pace for a while.