Health Requirements

An updated health form is required to complete enrollment for a child at LEAP. There are certain immunizations and a Lead Screening that is needed. These immunizations are required by the state in order for your child to attend school:

  • 4 doses of DTaP
  • 3 doses of Polio
  • 3 doses of HEP B
  • 1-4 doses of Hib
  • 1 dose of MMR
  • 1 dose of Varicella
  • Lead Screening

The form must have the Doctor’s signature and the most current physical date.

*Exemptions for immunizations can only be given if there is a medical or religious objection. In such cases, a signed statement from the doctor must be submitted to LEAP with the medical forms.

We enjoyed constant communication with our daughter’s teachers, we were welcomed in to her classroom at drop-off and pick-up times as well as during holiday parties and special events, and we were given multiple opportunities to get to know her classmates and their parents. Knowing that the teachers so totally understand our child, and what happens during the year…at school and at home gives me much comfort as her mom, and makes me so happy for her.