Additional Cleaning Protocols

The LEAP School Covid-19 Guidelines have been developed in accordance with the Minimum Guidance for Reopening Standards from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and align with the guidance from the Center for Disease Control.  We also regularly consult with the Board of Health. Please contact our Admissions Office  at 781-861-1026 if you would like more information.  The following Cleaning Protocols are not mandated but are in addition to the above recommended guidelines.

Cleaning Protocols

The LEAP School has always employed cleaners to clean our facilities five days a week. Due to the more intensive and repetitive cleaning protocols currently advised, we have done extensive research on different products that are EPA approved but also safe to use as a surface disinfectant/sanitizer. For decades, the Department of Early Education and Care has always directed use of a watered down bleach and water combination which is what teachers have used in cleaning their tables, etcThis is a highly effective and safe disinfecting agent for just about any situation and will continue to be utilized on a day to day basis.

Each school will have a state of the art portable electrostatic sprayer on site so we can quickly and easily sanitize a space like a bathroom or classroom when necessary. The difference between an electrostatic sprayer and most normal sprayers is that an electrostatic sprayer envelops the object you are spraying. For example, if you spray a table it will also cover the sides and bottom of the table. This makes it ideal for disinfecting.  Our cleaning company also has a bigger electrostatic sprayer for daily use.

One cleaning agent we will use is an EPA approved Botanical disinfectant called Bioesque.The primary active ingredient is Thymol which is a component of thyme oil and is also a botanical which is rare for a disinfectant.  It can be used on food-contact surfaces and even soft surfaces. It only needs to sit on a hard surface for 4 minutes to do its work. Two minutes for a soft surface.  This product can be employed during the day to clean a bathroom or spray a room if needed to disinfect. The cleaners will also employ a bigger sprayer after hours to disinfect the facilities each night.

An alternative disinfectant agent that is EPA approved we could also use is called Vital Oxide. This is not considered hazardous by OSHA.  It is in the lowest EPA toxicity category and no glove or protective equipment is required to use it.  The primary ingredient is Chlorinated Dioxide.  This can also be used on hard and soft surfaces as well as food surfaces.  It requires a 10 minute dwell time to do its job.

Cleaning and Disinfecting the air

We have done a lot of research to the best of our ability and understand that many ideas and products being touted as solutions in many cases are not viable or in order for them to work properly.

We have made a significant investment and  installed systems in our air handlers which utilize a technology called hydro peroxides (water vapor, oxygen molecules and electromagnetic energy).  These are friendly oxiders because they revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation of the pollutant.  The main advantage to this technology is that the pollutants do not need to travel to the air handler for treatment.  It is proactive and sends ionized advanced oxiders in the room to destroy the pollutants or bacteria at the source, in the air and on surfaces.  The goal is to disinfect COVID related bacteria but also other bacteria related to colds and other germs which will keep our children and teachers protected from increased illness all year long.

Additional Protection

In addition to all of our additional cleaning protocols, we will also be providing our staff with a supply of masks, face shields, and smocks (for use while assisting with toileting or other bodily fluid contact).  Non-latex gloves will also be in plentiful supply and used in many parts of the day.