Mission - Fostering Positive Growth in Early Childhood Education in MA

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At the LEAP School, we strive to be one of the best preschools in MA through positive growth and relationship building.

Our Mission is to foster positive growth in children, parents and teachers through caring, supportive and mutually respectful relationships within a safe, stimulating, child-centered environment. Children, Parents and Teachers represent the three “Seeds of LEAP.”

Every child is seen as a unique individual with gifts. We strive to nurture and develop the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive skills of every child. The Language Enrichment Arts Program® (LEAP) encourages self-awareness, self-expression and promotes self-confidence.

The LEAP faculty is dedicated to establishing supportive relationships with parents. We believe in consistent, open and honest communication. We value parent education, provide parent resources and welcome parent involvement.

As educators, we are committed to the professional and personal growth of our teaching team. The LEAP School strives to lay the foundation for thoughtful, compassionate, respectful, responsible, and creative lifelong learners.